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March Bible Reading

March arrives with a call to deepen our resolve and walk purposefully through the pages of Scripture. This month, as part of our Bible-in-a-year expedition, we embark on a passage that weaves through the wilderness wanderings in Numbers, the reflective plains of Moab in Deuteronomy, and into the bold crossings in Joshua. It's a trek that challenges us to rise with strength and conviction, much like the women of valor celebrated throughout the Bible.

The narratives we explore this March are not merely ancient texts; they are a clarion call for modern-day believers to engage in a journey of faith that is both rigorous and rewarding. As we traverse the lessons of Numbers, we encounter a God who is meticulous in His guidance and steadfast in His promises. He calls for order amidst chaos, faith amidst fear, and dedication amidst distraction.

In the Nazirite vows, we find a portrait of consecration that asks for something far beyond the ordinary—a total and unwavering commitment to a life set apart. And as we meet Caleb and Joshua, whose faith stood firm against a tide of dissent, we're inspired to hold fast to God's promises, even when the ground beneath us seems to tremble with uncertainty.

Deuteronomy brings us to the plains of reflection, where Moses, with the wisdom of years and the clarity of hindsight, imparts final instructions that are poignant and powerful. Here, we're reminded of the gravity of our choices and the impact of our obedience. It's a book that calls us to remember—to hold tightly to the lessons of our past as we navigate the present.

As the mantle of leadership passes to Joshua, we witness the courage it takes to step into roles that are larger than ourselves. In his story, we find the assurance that our strength lies not in our capacity but in the One who calls us and goes before us. Joshua's journey from the Jordan to Jericho is a testament to what it means to lead with integrity and faith.

This March, let's draw inspiration from these texts, allowing them to inform our lives in tangible ways. Let's ponder deeply the journal questions posed, letting them stir in us a renewed passion for growth and transformation:

  1. How can the leadership principles found in Numbers invigorate the way we steward our own lives and influence others?

  2. In what ways can Deuteronomy's emphasis on justice, remembrance, and obedience shape our understanding of living a life that honors God's faithfulness?

  3. How can the assurance of God's protection, as echoed in Psalm 91, and the encouragement to be strong and courageous in Joshua 1, embolden us in our daily lives?

This month is more than a sequence of days; it's an opportunity to rise to the occasion, to meet our challenges with grace and strength, and to align our steps with purposeful faith. As we march through the stories of God's people, may we be inspired to live our own stories with bravery, wisdom, and an unwavering trust in the faithfulness of our God.


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